The Koran
  • Darood-e-Taj (JPG) | English Translation (Text) | Listen Audio
    • Read 1 time a day: To prevent negative energies i.e., nazar, black magic
    • Read 3 times after each prayers: Increase Rizq
    • Read 41 times for 40 nights (Chilla): Helps pay loans quickly and from unexpected sources. Extremely useful to destroy the black magic of any kind. Regularity is important while attempting this procedure.
    • *Read 100 times a day for 3 years: Become Sahib-e-Kashaf (To know the unknown through vision)
    • *Read 100 times a day for life time: Increases potential to become Wali Allah.

    * Enroll yourself in some Silsila before performing this Wazifa.

    NOTE: There is no procedure in existance which guarantees that someone will become Wali because this does not depend on personal efforts solemnly, though all Wali Allah spend their lives in intense struggle to become neraer to Allah. DO NOT perform these procedures if your target is other than God i.e., to become Wali Allah. Becoming Wali Allah is the reward, but it should never be the goal.

  • Asma Al Husna (Names of Allah)
  • Asma Al Rasool (Names of Prophet) Peace be upon Him
  • Kalimat ul Kamila PDF | PNG
  • Shajra-e-Qadria Attaria Rizwia (JPG)

    NOTE: Only the Pupils enrolled in Qadria Silsila by H. Ilyas Attar Qadri are allowed to make it as Wazifa. Others can also read it but they will not receive Faiz-e-Silsila. Those wish to receive the Faiz from Qadria Silsila, please visit for further information.

  • Dua-e-Ganj-ul-Arsh (JPG) | Detailed English Translation (PDF)
  • Qaseeda-e-Ghausia (JPG) | English Translation (Text)
  • Dua to remove Fear (JPG)